About the KCCE

Chairperson Message

Securing excellent human resources with professional abilities and creativity is hope for the future national competitive power as society changes with diversification, specialization and subdivision.

In the midst of this enormous transition, University Colleges have been constantly striving for last two decades to develop a social atmosphere that treats favorably individual skills and expertise.

Now the world in which expertise, ability, and qualifications are recognized rather than academic background is coming, and it is becoming an important criteria for judging talent of students to consider conditions such as "what education programs or course you have finished?", "how intensively you have completed?" and "how much you have your own skills?" As the "Cradle of 21st Century Professional Talent Training", University Colleges will continue to lead the ability-oriented society and focus all its capabilities on developing a more popular society for professionals.

In addition, the Korean Council for University College Education expects to be a friendly companion with you in the era of lifelong learning through its homepage, and we ask for your advice and support to actively contribute to the development of education at University Colleges

Thank you.

The 21th ChairPerson of the Korean Council for University College Education

Nam Sung Hee