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Transition process

Transition process
Year Background of establishment and institutional change School Year Admission qualification

Implementation of the Conferment of the Associate’s Degree (1996)

Autonomy of University College Names (1998)

Installment of the major advanced course (1998)

Expansion of three-year course (2002)

Unification of four-year course for Faculty Members at University Colleges (2006)

Conducting a Bachelor's Degree Course at University College (2008)

Use of the title of the "University" (2011)

Extension of the nursing course to four years (2011)

Two to four years

* Bachelor's Degree Course at University College
(One to Two years)
Successful candidates for admission

Uniformization of Short-Term Higher Education Institutions (Primary College, Professional Institute)

Rational allocation of higher education personnel

Development of Industrial Technology with specialty improvement of Vocational Education by Sector

Two to three years High school graduates and successful candidates for the college entrance exam

Excessive number of intermediate dropouts due to the long term course

The Necessity of giving high school graduates opportunities for vocational education

Considering the international trend in short-term higher education

Two to three years High school graduates

Training of technical personnel under the first 5-year economic development plan

Coping with long-term demand with a wide range of multi-function education

Five years Middle school graduates