About the KCCE



Implementation of Platform for
"the Ideal Human Being" at University College

GOAL Support for Sustainable Development of all University Colleges
  • task01 01
    Strengthen the Support for Securing Admission Resources of University College

    Expanding the provision of information of admission

    Establishing and supporting plan for admission process

  • task02 02
    Reinforcement in Cooperative Education for Industrial and Educational innovation

    Strengthen cooperation with local governments (Metropolitan council)

    Vitalization of Lifelong Vocational Education

    Finding and expanding Financial Support Projects

  • task03 03
    Supporting the faculty and students in developing their competency

    Expanding and Strengthening of Competency Development Support

    Strengthen student education

    Operation of Bachelor's degree course at University College

  • task04 04
    Strengthen the Internationalization Capabilities of University College

    Attracting Overseas Students and Creating a Foundation for Overseas Expansion

    Global Practical Training Program

  • task05 05
    Competitiveness Reinforcement of University College

    Development and Research of Policy for University College

    Dealing with Policy Issues and Strengthening Communication

    Consulting on Shared Growth at University College

    Accreditation for evaluation of University College

    Strengthen promotion for improve awareness of Vocational Higher Education