About the KCCE

Major Busines

Providing information on majors and admissions at University Colleges

University College Admissions Information Fair is held

Holding the University College Admission Information Session

Video contents and data distribution on majors and admission information

Operate Career and Admissions Counseling programs for University Colleges

Planning and Supporting the University College Admission Process

Establishment and publication of basic requirements for admission process

Approving changes in implementation plans for each admission process

Support for the operation of admission process by University Colleges

Management of recruitment plans and results of University College students

Bachelor's degree course at University College

Providing continuous education opportunities to graduates at University College so giving further training to professionals and awarding bachelor's degrees through advanced major education linked to practical work

Graduated from a University College → Completed an advanced major course → Completing a bachelor's degree (employment with a degree and qualification equal to that of a General University)

Support for Strengthening Educational Skills at University Colleges

Selection of excellent teaching and learning support centers : Development of excellent teaching and learning support models and spread of its achievements to promote the operation system of teaching education support at University Colleges to make changes

Conference for Innovation of Teaching and Learning : Promoting the overall changes in education through the discovery and sharing of teaching and learning models thus leading the educational field of colleges in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Online support for basic learning ability : Systematically diagnosing basic learning skills required for smooth learning in college courses

Operation of mixed-training BTS to strengthen the competence of faculty members at University Colleges

In preparation for the era of With COVID-19, we operate a mixed-training system to support the development and improvement of educational innovation capacity and job competency development of colleges' faculty members. We also launch training courses such as quality management of vocational education courses, university performance management plans, and student success programs

Accreditation for institutional evaluation of University Colleges

Subject : University Colleges specified in subparagraph 4 of Article 2 of the 「Higher Education Act」

Meaning : The process that grants social trust to University Colleges through evaluation and certification judging they meet basic requirements as educational institutions and then publish their results by the Korea Accreditation Board for Vocational Higher Education, a recognized institution of the Ministry of Education

Vocational Higher Education Research

Proposal for development of survey, research, and policies for the development of Vocational Higher Education

Collection, organization and distribution of domestic and foreign data on Vocational Higher Education

Cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions concerning Vocational Higher Education and exchange of information

Research on the education system of University Colleges for professionals and development of research entrusted by the government or outside the University College

Activation of External Cooperation at University Colleges

Supporting the development of regional hub universities through cooperation with local governments

Securing the identity of lifelong vocational education and activating it

Expanding government ministry projects by strengthening cooperation with related ministries